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Springer, Cham, Carlos Duarte, Carlos M.

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DOI: Carlos Duarte, Ana Salvado, M. Rafael Nunes, Nikolay Stanchenko, Carlos Duarte, "Combining multi-touch surfaces and tangible interaction towards a continuous interaction space" , in Proceedings of the 3rd Workshop on Interacting with Smart Objects, Haifa, Israel, China, July PersonAAL AAL aims at extending the time older people can live in their home environment by increasing their autonomy and assisting them in carrying out activities of daily living by means of intelligent and intuitive web applications enabling users to receive personalized and context-dependent assistance directly in their own homes with the goal to improve quality of life and decrease healthcare delivery cost.

My contribution centers on the design of a mobile application supporting the search and rescue opperations, through ad-hoc networks and inconspicuous data gathering.

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The main goal of the GUIDE project was to develop software tools for Smart TV developers in order to support them in making their services more accessible and personalisable, both at design time as well as during runtime. The first goal of this project was to enable better and more adapted communication mechanisms to the elderly, by taking advantage of the Windows Phone 7 new user interfaces and including more advanced apps such as video conferencing, chatting and social networking integration such as Facebook and Twitter.

The VISTA project intended to contribute to the advancement of the state of the art in two aspects related to the topic of gestural interaction: 1 the study of the interaction with gesture controlled interactive surfaces, with or without physical contact, in scenarios with one or more surfaces; 2 find a low computational cost solution for hands and fingers tracking, allowing the deployment of gestural interaction solutions characterized by low hardware resources. This project proposed to study the cognitive processes involved in reading for older adults, and develop an ambient-assisted reading framework targeted for elderly people and communities.

With QualWeb, we proposed the characterisation of the Portuguese Web from an accessibility point-of-view.

Pdf Multimodal Interaction With W3C Standards: Toward Natural User Interfaces To Everything

This characterisation provided answers to the current state of accessibility of the Portuguese Web both from general and personalised points-of-view e. Based on this characterisation we proposed a set of accessibility services for end users, including the visualisation of the different properties obtained for the characterisation process, as well as a Web search service on top of the Portuguese Web that takes into account accessibility into Web page ranking processes.

It contributed to a definitive set of models, a specification language and an IC platform that covered Cognitive Based Therapy in all scenarios.

It provided coverage of the patient centred activities through different settings and utilizing emerging technologies. The computational support also aimed at facilitating group therapy and therapist collaboration. RiCoBA aimed at making books more accessible and appealing to different audiences. The goals were to support rich Digital Talking Book DTB generation, through the development of a production framework to assist in the building and enriching of the books, and rich DTB playback, by developing tools for non-visual platforms, and tools that adapt the book presentation and interaction, reacting to changes in the user, playback devices, and environment.

BackgroundAutism spectrum conditions autism are diagnosed more frequently in boys than in girls. The study describes a new technique that allows automated coding of non-verbal mode of communication gestures and offers the possibility of objective, evaluation of gestures, independent of human judgment. All children were assessed during two demonstration activities of Module 3 of ADOS-2, administered in Polish, and coded using Polish codes.

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Children were also assessed with Polish versions of the Eyes and Faces Tests. ResultsGirls with autism tended to use gestures more vividly as compared to boys with autism during two demonstration activities of ADOS Girls with autism made significantly more mistakes than boys with autism on the Faces Test. All children with autism had high scores in AQ Child, which confirmed the presence of autistic traits in this group.

Natural User Interfaces with Physiological Sensing

The current communication skills of boys with autism reported by parents in SCQ were significantly better than those of girls with autism. However, both girls with autism and boys with autism improved in the social and communication abilities over the lifetime. The number of stereotypic behaviours in boys significan.