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He enjoys JavaScript in its many forms and is always exploring new frameworks and tools. He is currently juggling different projects and jobs and pursuing an undergraduate degree in software engineering at the University of Ottawa. Siva Prakash has been working in the field of software development for the last 7 years. He has an extensive experience in the development of desktop, mobile, and web-based applications in ERP, telecom, and the digital media industry.

He has a passion for learning new technologies and sharing knowledge thus gained with others. He has worked on Big Data technologies for the digital media industry. He loves trekking, travelling, listening to music, reading books, and blogging. Syed Iqrar Raza Zaidi is a software engineer with an experience of 4 years. He is an organized, energetic, and dedicated software developer at work who is motivated to be of service by positively contributing towards every piece of work. He built multiple web portals, web applications, mobile hybrid applications, and 2D and 3D games that delight and inform users using the latest web technologies.

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Ionic makes it easy for frontend developers who want to become app developers. The framework provides superior performance with deep Cordova integration and a comprehensive set of tools for prototyping, backend support, and deployment. You will start first by getting familiarized with the CLI and learning how to build and run an app.

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You will have a look at some common features of real-world mobile apps such as authenticating a user and receiving and saving data using either Firebase or Local Storage. Next, the book will explain how Ionic integrates with Cordova to support native device features by using ngCordova and takes advantage of the existing modules around its ecosystem. You will also explore the advanced topics related to extending Ionic to create new components. Finally, the book will show you how to customize the Ionic theme and build the app for all platforms. What this book covers Chapter 1, Creating Our First App with Ionic, introduces the Ionic framework and provides instructions for setting up the development environment and quickly creating and running the first app.

Chapter 2, Managing States and Navigation, walks through some examples of how to manage views, states, and the overall navigation within the app. Chapter 3, Adding Device Features Support, explains how to use ngCordova to access native device functionalities such as the camera photo and video , the contact list, e-mail, and map. Chapter 5, Handling Gestures and Events, explains how a touch event works and how to process these events to create a better interaction or a custom component. Chapter 6, App Theme Customization, provides instructions on how to customize an app for different platforms and create an introduction screen for your own branding.

You will learn how to leverage events from the core Ionic components and use requestAnimationFrame for an improved animation performance. Chapter 8, User Registration and Authentication, explains the different methods that can be used to authenticate a user and how the Firebase authentication system works.

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Chapter 9, Saving and Loading Data Using Firebase, walks through some examples, such as those related to storing and retrieving data, using Firebase as the backend. Also, you will learn how to manage and render large datasets. Chapter 10, Finalizing Your Apps for Different Platforms, provides instructions for performing the final steps of getting an app published.

This book will help you become an intermediate or advanced Ionic developer by covering in-depth topics about AngularJS, Cordova, and Sass. Since Ionic is open source, there is a large community that supports this framework for you to continue the learning journey.

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Web services cloud computing location based services NoSQLdatabases and Semantic Web offer new ways of accessing analyzing and elaborating geo-spatial. This book provides a sampling of recent field studies of religions in China along with theoretical reflections by sociologists anthropologists. Everything you need to make the most of building information modeling If you re looking to get involved in the world.

Digital games offer enormous potential for learning and engagement in mathematics ideas and processes This volume offers multidisciplinary perspectives of educators.

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Designed for ethics courses in nursing PhD and DNP programs this book offers coverage of ethical patient care care in. This book provides a brief introduction to the theory of finite dimensional differential inclusions and deals in depth with control. In the aftermath of the global financial crisis of and the ensuing Great Recession of to the. This study seeks to understand the form of cinematic space referred to as the landscape of the mind in which. With the proliferation of financial instruments new areas of instability and innovative capital market strategies many economists and investors have.

This book provides a detailed technical guide to the virtual and optimised roaming systems for mobile networks Written by a. There is more than one way to make a hit The best assassin is the one that s never noticed Weapon and equipment. Olivia Parr Rud does a remarkable job of weaving together many topics in a strategic way As quants we re fascinated. This book provides a comprehensive practitioner guide to the new competition law framework in the UK following the widespread and. Ionic Framework Cookbook by Hoc Phan. Geographical Information Systems Trends and Technologies. Building Information Modeling For Dummies.

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